If you like songs that will make you laugh and instrumentation that will make your ears grin, you should give Jiminy Crisket a listen. 
Home Style Pickin' with All the Fixin's
homemade in Austin, TX

For the Birds--a clever and sweet duet composed together
Datin' Satan--a song that Jimmy Joe wrote long before he ever met Chrissie
Devil in Me--the song Chrissie wrote when she heard Datin' Satan
Kentucky Fried Pickin'--an original instrumental that showcases Jimmy Joe's pickin' (in the Key of G in case you want to dance along)
Tunes hand-crafted to make you smile,
with a helping of fancy guitar playing on the side
Recently featured on Austin KOOP Radio's, "Writing on the Air"
Chrissie's song, "Dear Joshua," received an honorable mention in the Austin Songwriter Group's Contest!
** Jimmy Joe was a finalist, tied with some other amazing songwriters, at the Songwriter Serenade at the Fiddlers' Frolic in Hallettsville **
We made our Kickstarter goal!
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